Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Our first official day of homeschool!

We survived & had an amazing first day! It was a little rough, but I know in time it will be smooth going. Studies show that for a new homeschool family, it can take about 3 months or longer to get things down.

Our Junior, 7th Grader & 5th Grader

I'm SO thankful we've been blessed with an amazing curriculum, I could use with all three of them! We prayed for, searched hundreds of different curriculum & finally found the perfect match! The "Weaver curriculum" covers Bible, Social Studies/Science, Language Arts & Creative Writing. You need to supplement your own choice of math & reading materials. We went with Teaching Textbooks for their math & a list of reading resources were included in the curriculum that we can get from our local library.

My children, especially our youngest (5th grader) couldn't wrap their minds around the fact that there are no "right or wrong" answers! They really struggled, but in time it will come naturally to them. They've always been told how to think when it came to school work. It was all about the "test" & memorization of materials.

I love that we can learn "together"! I'm doing this "with" them & learning just as much if not more! God has blessed us with the finances to purchases the requested resources to go along with the Weaver curriculum, so we can reap full benefit!

So with that being said, our first day was a success! So thankful.....

Prayer Request: Please be in prayer for our family, our homeschool, our children & for me! This is a new journey. I've had my concerns, doubts & fears! I know that since God has brought us to it, He will bring us through it!

Thank each of you in advance for your continued support, encouragement, & prayers during this new calling for our family. May we glorify God in all we do & say!

Blessings & Love,