Saturday, July 13, 2013

Over 5 months later....

Don't have a heart attack! I'm back, but not sure how much blogging I will actually get to do in the next year or so. My plan is to blog at least once a week, about the events of our lives & homeschooling. However, as most of you know, our plans don't always work out how we plan them out! Because life is tough, but homeschooling is tougher!

Allot has happened in the last several months, where do I beginning?! As most of you know, we began our homeschool journey with child #2 in January. It was a difficult adjustment for all involved, especially her! It took so getting use to, but God pulled us through & we has grown ALLOT since then!

Now as well approach the middle of July, I'm preparing myself to homeschool the three youngest. God has opened doors to an amazing curriculum that I can use with all three, just on different grade levels. What I love the most about the Weaver is that it takes the Bible & builds from there.We also purchased Teaching Textbooks to cover the math & Rosetta Stone to learn Spanish for our foreign language. The kids can't wait!

I'm trying hard to not get overwhelmed with what is needing to get done before the kids  begin on September 3rd! I've been in deep prayer, asking & seeking God for complete peace, wisdom, guidance & faith! Lots of PEACE! I know this has been something He's laid on my heart to do & honestly this is my calling, so I know it will be a glorious experience to which He gets all the glory!

I also try not to beat myself up about not homeschooling YEARS ago! One by one as they all began going off to school, I felt like my purpose in life was slipping away. It even got worse when the youngest went off to school full time. I longed for my children to return home each day & my heart ached that I wasn't with them during their experiences! Now here I am about to homeschool for the first full year to an 11th, 7th & 5th graders!My heart jumps for JOY at the opportunity of a lifetime!

Praying God gives me the energy, strength, patience, wisdom, peace, guidance & enough time in the day to balance it all! My marriage, children, home, meals, homeschool, laundry, & housework! It will take some time & I know this. So when your praying please remember us in your daily thoughts & prayers....we're going to need them :)

Blessings & Love,